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How to Optimize your Real Estate Fan Page

Do you have a Real Estate Marketing Fan Page.  If so, you need to read the article by Social Media Examiner titled, 5 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Page.

Here are some of the highlights:

#1: Featured Photos
Any photos that you post to your Fan Page will show at the top of your Wall.  This is a great way to let the viewer know what your Page is all about.  Put in special offers and photos showing off what your business is really about.  For a real estate professional, show off your community and invite people to come live with your in that warm0inviting space.

#2: The Left-Side Links Panel
Be careful how many tabs you include in this list.  If you go over 8, a ‘more’ buttons appears.  Most visitors will never click on that link, so try to limit it to just 8.

#3: Rolling Feedback
When logged in as Administrator you will see each Posts feedback.  Keep an eye on this data to determine what types of Content you Post get the most favorable reviews in terms of Likes, Comments and Impressions.

#4: Featured Likes
You can set up to 5 Featured Pages that your ‘Liked’ to always show on your Page.  Why not highlight the Pages of your Referral or B-2-B Partners in this section, and ask them to do the same on their Page.

#5: Wall Tab Layouts Can Be Different
Make sure you set your Wall so that it shows ‘Only Posts by Page’.  This way when your Fans come to the Page, they will see your Content first, not Posts added by your Fans. 


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Written by Dan Havey

September 19, 2011 at 10:13 pm


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